Association of Old Crows | Tech Challenge
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Tech Challenge

CEMA 2017 Tech Challenge Kick-Off


  • Teams register and define their problem statement that meets the AOC Technical Challenge 2017 challenge criteria
  • Teams start researching, designing, and developing their innovative solutions
  • Teams provide a mid-term progress report. (conference call)
  • Teams submit documentation one week prior to demonstration
  • Teams demonstrate their solutions for an expert judging panel and CEMA conference participants in October 2017


Build an innovative solution centered around Cyberspace Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) Cyber/EW Convergence.


  • Cyber/EW Convergence must be the focus of the innovation
  • Software must be purchased for the project, developed by the team, available as free and open source software (FOSS) or is included with an operating system
  • ALL expenses must be documented to determine return on investment including external devices such as servers, laptops, software, etc
  • All teammates and outside support must be documented, for appropriate credit
  • All designs, software, and images shall become hosted by the Chapter and made freely available as open source materials for future Challenges as well as the APG, DOD, and respective communities
  • Teams must meet all the criteria outlined for each milestone
  • The AOC Technical Challenge Chair Member has the final decision on all issues, concerns, and disputes


  • Focus on Cyber / EW Convergence: How well does the team’s proposed problem statement and their solution remain focused on Cyber / EW Convergence [0 – 15 points]
  • Ability to Solve a CEMA Challenge: How well does the team address solving their proposed Cyber/EW Convergence problem statement [0 – 30 points]
  • Overall Design Ingenuity and Innovation: The team demonstrates a creative and/or innovative design that exemplifies an “out-of-the-box” thinking approach towards their proposed Cyber/EW Convergence challenge [0 – 15 points]
  • Return on Investment: The team demonstrates a solution that is cost effective (biggest “bang for the buck”) [0 – 10 points]
  • Demonstration and Delivery: The team provide an adequate level of detail in their documentation submission. Teams will also be evaluated based on the actual demonstration of their solution [0 – 30 points]


  • Milestone 1 (July 15, 2017): Teams must be registered and specify their problem statement. Late registration is acceptable but not preferred
  • Milestone 2 (September 5, 2017): Teams connect with AOC Tech Challenge facilitators via a short conference call. Opportunity to understand current status, address questions and assess what materials will be needed for the demonstration
  • Pre-Showcase Showdown (October 9, 2017): Teams must submit the Showcase Showdown presentation materials following the format provided. This will serve as documentation for pre-judging
  • Showcase Showdown (Oct 16-19, 2017): Teams must brief and demonstrate their capability live at the CEMA 2017 conference. Teams will submit code/images and additional documentation

(The showcase showdown will be held only on one evening during the CEMA conference. Final date TBD)

Tech Challenge Committee Lead


First Place – $2,500
Runner-Up – $1,000
Participation Prize – 1 year AOC membership