Association of Old Crows | History
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AOC – APG Susquehanna History

The AOC APG Susquehanna Chapter was stood as a direct result of the 2005 Defense Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC) Commission’s decision to move the Fort Monmouth mission to Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. The following is a brief historical account of the APG Susquehanna Chapter.

November 2008: AOC Garden State Chapter holds a special board of directors meeting in light of the closure of Ft Monmouth under BRAC and the move of the Army mission to APG. A motion is made and approved to establish a new Chapter in the APG region.  Giorgio Bertoli volunteers to lead the charge.

April 2009: Petition issued to AOC International requesting support to establish the new AOC APG Susquehanna Chapter.

September 2009: By-laws and Constitution for the APG Susquehanna chapter have been established.  Giorgio Bertoli is the first Chapter President.

November 2009: AOC Garden State Chapter formally presents a $50,000 check to the AOC APG Susquehanna Chapter to be used to establish the new Chapter at APG.

January 2010: First meeting of the new Chapter, Chesapeake City Inn.

August 2010: First Chapter member social event, Chesapeake River Boat Cruise

July 2012: First General Membership Meeting and Scholarship Awards Luncheon held.  Col (ret) Laurie Buckhout, President National Association of Old Crows, is the speaker.

October 2015: First Annual Cyber Electromagnetic Activity (CEMA) Symposium held at APG sponsored by the APG Susquehanna Chapter of the AOC with AOC National and PEO IEW&S.  600 people in attendance.  Michael Ryan is the first CEMA Conference Chair.