AOC APG Susquehanna Chapter Honored as 2023 Distinguished Chapter of the Year

The AOC APG Susquehanna Chapter has proudly been named a Distinguished Chapter for the Medium Category in 2023 by AOC International!

We’d like to thank our Awards Committee Lead Ms. Stephanie Davis for her hard work on our submission packet, as well as our AOC Chapter members who have supported us this past year. This honor would not be possible without your dedication and commitment to our chapter.

Here is the full list of Chapter of the Year and Greatest Increase Winners in 2023.

2023 Chapter of the Year

Large Category

  • Chapter of the year – Dixie Crow Chapter

Medium Category

  • Chapter of the year – Garden State Chapter
  • Distinguished Chapters
    •  APG Susquehanna
    • Windy City Chapter
    • Mugu Chapter
    • Patriots Roost Chapter
  • Outstanding Chapters
    • Billy Mitchell Chapter
    • Granite State Roost Chapter

Small Category

  • Chapter of the year – Palmetto Roost Chapter
  • Outstanding Chapter – Pikes Peak Roost Chapter

Chapter Greatest Increase Winners

  • Northeastern Region – Maple Leaf Chapter
  • Mid- Atlantic Region – None
  • Southern Region – Emerald Coast Chapter
  • Central Region – Windy City Roost Chapter
  • Mt Western Region – Querque Crows Chapter
  • Northwestern Region – Mile High Chapter
  • Pacific Region – Mugu Crows Chapter
  • International Region I – Red Baron Roost Chapter
  • International Region II – Australian Chapter
  • Overall Greatest Increase Winner – Red Baron Roost